about us

Creativity, Passion to hold on to the curious child within and the drive to explore subtle and oft hidden facets, is perhaps an apt way to describe Imaginary Friend Pictures. Just like a child evolves his imagination and manifests a complete person, the creative talent at this company is able to think way beyond the obvious and generate scripts that bound to spark a sense of awe and wonderment.

Being nurtured by Aniket Shirke who has been directing for more than a decade and Aqeel Ahmad who has been producing for an equal time–frame, the company strives to complete projects that go well above the expectations, while adhering to the subtle nuances including time and budgetary norms. So far, Imaginary Friend Pictures has tackled multiple, diverse areas of creative publications including, but not limited to, commercials, documentaries, television, digital content, webmercials, concept for advertising and features. The duo is able to impart a highly altered and refined perception to the scripts.

The company has thrived on complex productions requiring a complete alternate way of approach and thought. Adopting dynamic and flexible approach towards such complex productions, Imaginary Friend Pictures has successfully completed multiple scripts that have been highly regarded.

Adopting a collaborative approach, the Director has incorporated subtle humor and showcased unconventional approaches that could never be hereto imagined or dared to be applied. Carefully studying the requirements of the script as well as applying it to the sub–conscious needs of the target audience, Imaginary Friend Pictures has developed scripts that aptly connect and convey the intended message. Having collaborated with independent agencies as well as product and brand owners, Imaginary Friend Pictures is able to work very closely with varied groups and develop ideologies. Having crafted a distinctive style Imaginary Friend Pictures is always looking at newer challenges including those from corporates that need their brand rejuvenated or reinvented.

Readily adopting newer techniques like VFX as well employing traditional techniques of ad film making newer realms as well as older techniques are equally assimilated to establish strong brand recollection and recall aspects. Skillfully expanding imagination and captivating audiences in a constant sense of surprise, Imaginary Friend Pictures has worked hard to ensure the moments engaged, are fondly remembered.